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Project | Echoin Energy Public Chain: Promoting Energy Industry Change with Block Chain!

The world is great, and everything is alive. Energy, the source of Hedongli, the lowest material base of the social economy, has long been linked and indivisible to our world.

However, the problems exposed with the development of the energy industry have become more and more obvious. For example, from the end of energy production to the end of consumption, there are many intermediate links and the types of trading subjects are complex, resulting in high trust costs among the various players; The structure of supply and demand is unreasonable due to the non-sharing of Energy information and the low utilization rate; The share of new energy sources is extremely low. However, with the development of technology such as block chains and Iot, we see the possibility of addressing constraints to the development of the energy sector. Echoin was born -- the open chain ecology facing the energy economy.

Echoin is committed to building a public chain ecology oriented towards the energy economy, building a credible, programmable, efficient and distributed energy supply network, and achieving a complete global energy infrastructure.
In view of the actual problems and pain points in the energy field, Echoin uses mature and complete technology to give a unique block chain solution. For example, it is difficult to trust each other in energy trading entities. Echoin links energy Internet of Things data through a trusted prophecy machine, reducing credit risk and improving the credibility of trading entities. At the same time, the sharing of energy data is more conducive to the improvement of energy data utilization, and thus has a positive impact on the optimization of energy supply and demand structures.
Echoin uses Plasma side chain technology to handle energy transactions in different scenarios, and synchronizes the side chain data to the main chain in a timely manner to achieve a layered consensus in the energy industry, which greatly enhances the TPS of the Echoin public chain, which is sufficient to deal with the high frequency real-time transactions that Etaifang can not achieve. The decentralized exchanges in the Echoin public chain, energy asset wallets and other infrastructure can provide access scenarios and incentive mechanisms for more new energy owners, promoting the development of new energy sources.
In addition, using Echoin virtual machines to encrypt and decrypt private data at low cost, and using cross-chain technology to implement automatic transactions with other public chains, this is Echoin's tailor-made solution for industry development based on years of experience in the deep farming energy industry.
In the field of energy, Echoin has always been a pioneer in providing participants in the energy industry with cutting-edge technology exports based on block chains, providing suitable application scenarios for large energy companies, energy utilities, energy supply chain companies, and individual energy owners. The open chain ecology provides entrances for individuals, companies, developers, and other identity participants.
In terms of technology landing, the Echoin project has reached a strategic partnership with the world's largest power producer, French Electric Power(EDF), to create a "main network micro-grid" grid-connected solution. At present, the first phase of the Echoin team's power development for France Electric Power has been launched, and the second phase of development is in full swing. The energy giant, French electric, has 43 million users worldwide and more than 1.3 million kilometers of power network lines. In addition, Echoin's block chain transformation project with its strategic partner car owner State is also moving in tandem, and the latter is the world's largest online energy retailer, gas stations and charging pile networks with global coverage.
The Echoin team brings together top teams from companies such as Tencent, Huawei, Renren, and senior consultants in energy and block chains. At present, it has obtained investment from top international block chain investment institutions such as Jinyu Capital, Engine Capital, and Defengjie, a partner of the well-known traditional investment institution Wangyuehua.
According to the statistical report of the BP World Energy Statistics Yearbook, the global energy consumption in 2018 was 13 billion tons of oil equivalent, of which oil, coal, natural gas and other non-renewable energy sources were the main sources. Echoin combined forward-looking technological advantages for individuals, companies, developers and other different players in the energy economy to provide a fair, free and convenient ecosystem system.
Global energy will enter a period of depletion in 2030. In the wind of the energy industry's urgent need to change the leader, Echoin has used block chain technology to chart the direction of change in the industry. In the future, Echoin's energy economy ecosystem can contribute a great deal to optimizing the industrial structure and promoting the development of new energy sources. Let all energy economies participate in Fangzai's ecology and work together for a bluer sky tomorrow!