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Echoin Project Progress | Promotion of Ecological Construction in Deep Cultivation Industry

The Echoin team is investing in intensive project development, operation, and promotion. In the new phase of work, the team has made clear its determination to take root in the energy block chain area and is committed to the goal of building a global leading chain in the energy segment area. The team did not forget the initial heart, in the environment of the overall low price of the currency circle, devoted itself to advancing technology development, gradually increasing the number of ecological co-construction partners, expanding the energy ecological map, and steadily moving forward on the road to the landing of block chain technology.
In terms of technology, the Echoin team has upgraded and iterated the basic tools such as the decentralized energy exchange and energy asset wallet completed in the previous period to optimize the user experience. In addition, for the partners of ecological joint construction, the wallet payment standard SDK was developed to provide more compatibility for large-scale applications of ecological partners in the future. The basic tools in the technical architecture such as the Echoin virtual machine are also starting research and development according to the project route. At present, the technical team is interfacing with partners at the level of technical requirements.
On the market side, the Echoin team is actively negotiating further cooperation with the French Electric Power(EDF), the United States FleetCor, and the power companies under the British Energy Agency to further expand the global energy ecology map. In addition, Echoin also won Singapore's famous law firm Drew & amp; Napier issued a legal opinion to provide legal support for Echoin's subsequent globalization process.
Technological advances
Progress of Echoin Research and Development
1, the development of energy wallet payment standard SDK was completed, providing debugging interface for eco-co-construction partner products, and further improving the compatibility of energy asset wallet and application scene products.
2, delocalized energy exchange new features development, product page iteration, optimization.
3, Echoin virtual machine development pre-requirements docking.
4, Echoin energy ecological Super node campaign rules advanced, the implementation of the detailed rules, incentive plan and other preliminary drafts were completed, is seeking the views of the energy sector authoritative institutions and interested ecological partners.
5, Echoin official website 3.0 version development, online testing, modification, interface debugging.
6, Echoin project won Singapore Law Firm Drew & amp; Napier's legal opinion concluded that the Echoin token was not a security. Drew &; Napier is the leading law firm in Singapore's financial/banking sector. The submission can be accepted by mainstream exchanges such as Fife, OK, and Coin.