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Engine Capital and BN Capital strong cooperation

Recently, investment engine Capital and BN Capital join hands, the two sides will share superior resources and investment experience, to help brand growth and build global ecological partners.
Engine capital was established in Singapore in 2017, is a focus on the block and the Internet industry chain of risk investment companies, mainly involved in investment fields: block chain, big data, mobile Internet, overseas and supporting services such as asset allocation, technology development, is committed to become a one-stop value-added professional property investment institutions.
BN Capital, originated in Shanghai, is the world's leading digital economy investment and consulting firm. It is mainly composed of digital securities consulting and investment banking services, diversified fund management, financial digital research institute, media and public service relations and other major businesses. Its partners and employees are all from top international investment Banks and financial institutions. BN Capital was selected as China's most competitive Token Fund in 2018.
Prince, founder of engine Capital, said: "BN Capital is unique in its global layout and industry sensitivity. The two sides share the same values in industry trend, track judgment and project screening. This collaboration is the beginning of ecological cooperation."
Zhu kang, founder of BN Capital, said, "engine Capital operates independently and broad-minded in post-investment management globally. Mutual assistance and cooperation can complement each other's resources." With this cooperation, both parties will rely on capital advantages, link the head resources, expand the fund management scale and build the global ecology, and devote themselves to empowering blockchain innovative enterprises and helping the project to achieve better landing and development.