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Beep News and engine capital reached a strategic cooperation

Recently, block chain media head platform bebi News and investment in new engine capital officially work together, the two sides will build community, brand building, resource sharing cooperation.
Beep News is a professional block chain media platform, platform business coverage of block chain information, market and other plates. At present, it has successfully operated a number of featured content brands, such as bebi dajia xiu, bebi roundtable group, bear market hug, Bit Bang, little turtle China travel, etc., and become the leader of blockchain media industry with comprehensive product forms and content brands.
Engine capital is a venture capital company focused on blockchain and Internet industry, mainly involving investment fields: blockchain, big data, mobile Internet, overseas asset allocation, technology development and other supporting services, and is committed to becoming a professional one-stop investment institution for property appreciation.
Media as the eyes of the market, beep News has information, market, video, interactive full platform product matrix, beep big jia xiu and other high traffic IP content brands. Engine capital relies on capital advantage, link industry upstream and downstream head resources, depth industry layout. This successful hand-in-hand will help upgrade the brands of both sides and share advantages. It is also a successful attempt to promote the efficient integration and healthy development of the industry.