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Engine capital and the Korean block chain association to achieve in-depth strategic cooperation

Recently, engine capital and Korea block chain association cooperation, on behalf of the engine capital Korea ecological layout officially began!
Engine capital is a venture capital company focused on blockchain and Internet industry, mainly involving investment fields: blockchain, big data, mobile Internet, overseas asset allocation, technology development and other supporting services, and is committed to becoming a professional one-stop investment institution for property appreciation.
The Korean blockchain association is the first association to study blockchain in South Korea, and its members have strong blockchain technology resources and community resources in South Korea.
Engine capital in the chain of blocks and the Internet industry has rich ecological layout, the block chain association cooperation relationship with South Korea, will be dedicated to solving the block chain technology application technology development, landing engine capital's team will block chain association teamed up with South Korea, to develop a series of new block chain ground application solutions.
In addition, engine capital will join hands with many investment alliances to promote economic exchanges between the two sides and lay out a complete blockchain capital ecosystem for China, South Korea and even the world.
Similarly, the Korean blockchain association also shows that the firm confidence and engine capital cooperation, believe that under the leadership of engine capital, will certainly bring rapid progress to the whole Korean blockchain industry, let the Korean blockchain technology stand at the forefront of the technology field.
Of course, engine capital has already made preparations and decided to send the most top team to cooperate with the Korean blockchain association. They are the sharp knives in the blockchain field, ready to harvest and acquire the most cutting-edge knowledge. It's not just their task, it's their reward. The cooperation between the two countries is bound to open up a new scientific and technological world, and also an important departure to promote the economic reform of both sides.