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Engine capital and QB.COM trading platform to achieve millions of yuan of strategic investment

On July 19, news engine capital announced to invest in QB.COM exchange. QB.COM exchange locates global high-quality digital asset trading platform with top-level domain name, registered in the UK. The core team comes from top financial and technology enterprises, and QB exchange has obtained the Canadian digital asset trading license.
Introduction to engine capital
Founded in Singapore in 2017, engine capital is an investment company focusing on the block chain and Internet industry, which is initiated by early investors in the block chain industry. It aims to provide impetus for the development of more start-ups. It mainly involves investment fields: blockchain, big data, mobile Internet, overseas asset allocation, technology development and other supporting services. The main investment stages involved are: seed, angel, A, B, and also focus on quality projects. Engine capital insists on integrating the global investment perspective with local investment management experience, flexibly using global resources to meet local needs, and strives to become a professional one-stop investment institution for property appreciation.

QB.COM trading platform due diligence
The exchange began to face the dilemma of flow loss in 2018, and the continuous pursuit of product diversification and differentiation has become the core of the exchange's strategy in the bear market. Contract trading, exchange public chain, financial products and OTC layout have become important transformation elements of exchanges.
Over the past six months, engine capital has conducted in-depth understanding of nearly 200 exchanges in the trading market, conducted dynamic tracking and focus on trading platforms, and selected some high-quality trading platforms for strategic investment.
Recently, we completed the due diligence of QB.COM trading platform, and evaluated QB.COM trading platform from multiple dimensions, including platform background, technical architecture, operation capacity, user portrait analysis, and future development positioning.

Team gene
The QB team has been in touch with bitcoin since 2008 and is one of the first teams in the world to participate in the field of digital currency, extending from mining bitcoin to trading and global arbitrage. The core architect of the QB team is from the world's top network security company. In 2014, he led the team to complete the development of the complete exchange system and successfully put it online. His years of practice have made him have a profound understanding of the security issues of the exchange. USES efficient memory matching technology to support 1 million transactions per second to ensure stability and smooth. ⾼ concurrent distributed platform architecture, reliable ⻛ top security control system, 7 * 24-hour real-time monitoring and early warning, and the cold and hot wallet isolated storage solution, etc., comprehensive security investors digital assets security requirements. In addition, its core products, risk control and operation teams all have experience in traditional finance or Internet industry. Risk control is a system engineering that requires a comprehensive architecture.
Honesty in the inside, simple in the outside, specializing in the line
Since October 2018, the purchase of sky-high domain name officially opened the exchange vision and positioned the high-quality digital asset trading platform, which has obtained the Canadian digital asset trading license. The core team of QB.COM comes from Google, Microsoft, IBM, lenovo, xiaomi, sohu, Knownsec and other top global technology, security, and financial enterprises, with offices in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong and other places.
QB.COM has years of experience in the research and development of trading system, security and block chain. Since its launch, QB.COM trading platform registered users have exceeded 200,000 in just two months, enjoying a good reputation. QB.COM platform advocates returning to the essence of trading, attaches importance to the core of exchange operation, and focuses on providing a safe, stable and user-friendly trading platform, creating a good trading environment, reducing trading costs, and providing high-quality digital asset trading, so as to minimize investors' trading risks.
Platform advantage
Financial grade trading system USES efficient memory matching technology and security level algorithm to support 1 million transactions per second to ensure stability and smooth.
Top safety and risk control
With multiple signatures, offline signatures, and cold wallet storage, top-tier security controls allow assets to be securely stored under strict risk controls, and the exchange's reputation for security has been greatly weakened.
Extreme stability
Multi-network convergence ensures that server clusters are available 24 hours a day and can manage their assets anytime, anywhere, without worrying about stable operation of the assets.
Full platform trading support
Support iOS, Android, PC and other full device terminal access.
Select high-quality currency to reduce the investment risk of users
Qb. CPM locates high-quality digital asset trading, and will be selected by a professional team in the future to explore high-quality global assets for users.