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Engine capital and BLOCK GLOBAL reach strategic cooperation to build a GLOBAL blockchain ecology

BLOCK GLOBAL's development history
Brock technologies was founded in March 2018 and received angel and PreA rounds of financing.
In May 2018, brock finance obtained round A and round A+ financing; During the same period, braddock was directly hired to set up.
In June 2018, Coinin was established and obtained angel financing; Block capital was established during the same period.
In July 2018, brock finance obtained series B financing and officially changed its name to brock technology.
In August 2018, blocktimes was established and received angel financing. At the same time, braddock is officially renamed huopin Online.
In September 2018, huhired Online obtained angel round financing.
In October 2018, Beecast was established and obtained angel financing.
In December 2018, BLOCK GLOBAL was established.

Block ecology
Block Capital is a GLOBAL ecological fund of Block GLOBAL, focusing on the venture investment in the Block chain field, adhering to the investment concept of "reaching your own success", and exploring and cultivating unicorn enterprises in the Block chain field. Relying on BLOCK GLOBAL, the world's leading blockchain technology and media group, it provides investment, incubation, consulting and asset management services for high-quality blockchain enterprises.
BLOCK GLOBAL is committed to building the world's leading blockchain technology media group, with the mission of "gathering transnational information, linking GLOBAL resources, enabling economic development", serving entrepreneurs and investors in the GLOBAL blockchain field. Its cover China 】 【 bullock science and technology, Taiwan, blocktimes 】 【 Coinin 】 【 in South Korea, southeast Asia, Beecast 】 【 【 Block Capital 】 and chain blocks recruitment platform, fire hired Online 】 【 set up and the global alliance for Block chain of colleges and universities amateur 】 【 【 STO industry association for the advancement of global, and chain enterprises, the investment of more than 20 blocks basically completed the chain of ecological layout and Asia the Block chain media full layout.

Block business
Block technology is the leading block chain social media, through distributed community nodes, to build block chain and digital currency value network ecology. Block technology set news, deep research, market, data, community, project, campus as one, the world's first "social media" concept, 7*24 hours project tracking report, uphold the "objective, true, depth, the concept of community users service.
[blocktimes] is a professional blockchain media platform in Taiwan. Build a solid and reliable information base of blockchain and digital currency by digging into the industry and finding experts; Build the core think tank of blockchain through the combination of blockchain industry, education and research, and accelerate the landing combination of blockchain technology and real economy; At the same time, BLOCK GLOBAL's media links are used to build a bridge of seamless communication between Taiwan and the pan-asia Pacific blockchain ecology.
[Coinin] has launched Blockchain in Korea, the first interview program of Korean dajia community, and integrated 500+ Korean Blockchain investment institutions, exchanges, projects, media, communities and other resources, with its industry influence rising rapidly.
At present,Coinin carries out incubation investment and operation business in all cases, from brand, community, activities, capital raising to currency, professional services in the whole process, and deeply cultivated the block chain ecology in South Korea.
[Beecast] headquartered in Singapore, with business scope covering Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and other countries, is committed to building a professional block chain information platform in southeast Asia. Beecast launched the first big coffee community online interview program "Blockchain in SEA" and offline interview program "Andyview", and owns 300 + Blockchain investment institutions, exchanges, projects, social media and other resources in southeast Asia.
Fire fire hired Online 】 【 hire recruitment platform is a block chain industry, is the collection of news, information, data block chain industry information service platform, based on the characteristics of block chain contracts and consensus, to solve the real problems in the process of recruitment resume, is committed to China and global users with information and data services.

Engine capital and BLOCK GLOBAL reach strategic cooperation to build a GLOBAL blockchain ecology

Currently, brock science and technology community system covers 15 countries and regions around the world, covering more than 100 important cities in China, and 2000+ global university groups. At the same time, it has obtained domestic and foreign media support of 5000+, has the most powerful block chain industry community, covering the global trade block global institute, project parties, investment institutions, wallet and other industry ecology of 10000+, basically achieved the full coverage of China's block chain industry, the most powerful international expansion.

Engine capital was established in Singapore in 2017, is a focus on the block and the Internet industry chain of risk investment companies, mainly involved in investment fields: block chain, big data, mobile Internet, overseas and supporting services such as asset allocation, technology development, is committed to become a one-stop value-added professional property investment institutions.
Engine capital investment more than 100 projects around the world, so far has been disclosed investment amount is about more than 50, successively and krypton gold capital, BN Capital, digital engine, star yao capital, ear of finance and economics, BTC Trade, 499 block, the south Korean association of chain blocks, beeping NEWS, COINS, chain in the media, the bull market of finance and economics, finance, bo chain MXC maccha exchange and so on outstanding block chain enterprise established strategic cooperation.

This time, engine capital and BLOCK GLOBAL join hands. The two sides will rely on the capital advantage, link the head resources, expand the fund management scale and build the GLOBAL ecology, and at the same time, devote themselves to empower blockchain innovative enterprises and help the project to achieve better landing and development. At the same time, with the help of BLOCK GLOBAL, we will more quickly improve our industrial ecology, provide investment, incubation, consulting and asset management services for high-quality blockchain projects, and become the leading capital party in the blockchain industry.