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Imagination fund announces strategic investment in Echoin energy Commons

The imagination fund has announced the completion of its strategic investment in energy public chain Echoin, according to an official announcement. In the future, the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation on the implementation of global energy ecology.
It is known that Echoin public chain is committed to building the public chain ecology oriented to energy economy. It USES Plasma side chain, cosmos cross-chain, trusted predictive machine, virtual machine and other technical solutions to build the technology base for individuals, energy enterprises, Dapp developers and other energy economy participants with different identities.
Imagination fund is always focused on the investment block chain ecological fund. As huobi super node, OK professional investor, ZB professional node, Fcoin sponsor agency, Coinegg ecological node. We have invested and arranged bit-z, Coinsuper and other exchanges, deep chain finance, babit and other block chain media, Amber quantitative trading, gongxinbao and other ecological projects.
So far, Echoin has received investment from many famous institutions, such as imagination fund, engine Capital, trands Capital, BN Capital, Block Capital, vector Capital, gravity Capital, gold krypton Capital, eight dimensional Capital and so on.