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Engine capital formally joined ethereum enterprise alliance (EEA)

Recently, engine capital officially announced to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), and work together with the world's best industry partners to accelerate the implementation of blockchain business, and jointly enter the era of distributed ledger system.
EEA, the world's largest open source blockchain research organization, was founded in February 2017 by more than 30 founding members, including large institutions such as the Chicago mercantile exchange, Intel, ING, jpmorgan chase and Microsoft.
EEA is committed to developing open blockchain specifications to improve ethereum blockchain privacy, security and scalability. By co-developing common standards and technologies for the commercial use of ethereum blockchain code, enterprises can make it easier to use ethereum blockchain code and promote coordination and interoperability between enterprises and consumers around the world.
Enterprise etheric fang alliance (EEA) has brought together the world nearly 300 fortune 500 companies, innovative enterprises, research institutions and technology service enterprises, alliance members will study together and create a service enterprise of the real economy chain block open source code library, exploring in the actual complex business environment, the speed, security, privacy, the demand such as compatibility, the feasibility of the scheme.
Engine capital was established in Singapore in 2017, is a focus on the block and the Internet industry chain of risk investment companies, mainly involved in investment fields: block chain, big data, mobile Internet, overseas and supporting services such as asset allocation, technology development, is committed to become a one-stop value-added professional property investment institutions.
Engine capital investment more than 100 projects around the world, so far has been disclosed investment amount is about more than 50, successively with brock, gold krypton capital, 犇 farce, digital engine, star yao capital, ear of finance and economics, BTC Trade, 499 block, the south Korean association of chain blocks, beeping NEWS, COINS, chain in the media, the bull market of finance and economics, finance, bo chain MXC maccha exchange, the DGE, BBR and so on outstanding block chain enterprises set up strategic cooperation.
Engine capital is joining EEA to create, promote and broadly support eitflon-based best practices standards with the world's most innovative blockchain startups. Meanwhile, through communication and cooperation with EEA members, engine capital will gain the most cutting-edge blockchain information and the most mature experience of blockchain projects, which will accelerate the improvement of engine capital's own industrial ecology, and better inject huge impetus to provide investment, incubation, consulting and asset management services for high-quality blockchain projects.