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Engine capital CEO han shuai: three years 500 million, block chain in the world of shen nanpeng

"It's hard to be truly objective, so we need rules and order to discipline ourselves, whether it's living or investing." - Han Shuai
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Create a new order
Every entrepreneur will have their own "domino effect", and block chain is the trigger of han shuai career peak that first domino.
In 2011, han shuai, a university computer science major, came across a post posted by a geek named satoshi nakamoto on BBS, a world of "computational democracy" that had never been conceived before. Han shuai was deeply attracted by it and had a strong interest in it. So he soon began to study by day and dig by night; In just one year, thousands of bitcoins have been dug up.
After graduating from university in 2012, han shuai learned to better collect information and understand the world through the study of computer professional knowledge. In this process, he gradually found that finance was the field he wanted to cultivate for a long time, so he resolutely devoted himself to the financial industry. Over the past four years, han shuai has accumulated rich experience in capital operation and gained more and more insight into China's economic development trend.
In 2016, the whole financial industry was in a low state. As a witness of this winter, han shuai was deeply aware that the industry needs a technology that can effectively overcome the asymmetry of financial information to break the dreary situation. So he quit his job and started experimenting with the early stages of blockchain.
Gathered around a few friends who also pay attention to the blockchain field, han shuai and they do an angel partner team. At first, they did some due diligence on the large and small projects on the market. After testing many projects including yilaiyun and xiaoyi, the team tasted the benefits of entrepreneurship, so engine capital came into being in 2017.
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Three years without a break
Engine capital is now a professional one-stop investment institution, involving the main investment areas: blockchain, big data, mobile Internet, overseas asset allocation, technology development and other supporting services. But looking back, in early 2017, it was the beginning of the hard times, when the founding team had limited funds and was cautious about investing in projects. It wasn't until the second half of the decade that the market's returns became apparent. Engine capital began to gradually expand the amount of capital, raise new funds, the highest period raised the amount of 500 million to 1 billion yuan; But the investment phase is the earliest stage of investment, including cornerstone and private placement.
In the interview with ear finance (public id: erduocaijing), han shuai especially stressed: "' the earliest 'should be put in front,' the earliest 'means we start to understand the project from the release stage, and have a deeper tracking of the project; Control the whole risk and make investment more standardized." In addition, engine capital has made early investment in gongxinbao, AE, everything chain, addo, EOS and other projects in the second half of the year, and the yield is also very considerable.
2017 investment gap and investment logic
In 2017, han shuai is very accurate in controlling the investment gap. In his opinion, this year is the year of industry outbreak. As a result, engine capital has been deeply involved in more than 20 projects one after another and is now firmly in the top 50 of market value. Through these actual combat investment experience, han shuai repeatedly summarized a set of their own investment logic system, and based on this, no matter in which stage, only to meet the needs of this investment system is the engine capital project.
Compared with many institutions that want to invest 100 times, 1000 times, han shuai said: high returns are inevitably accompanied by high risk, as long as there is a bubble will burst one day; So you can't be too aggressive in your investments.
The biggest ceiling of entrepreneurship is the entrepreneur himself, and the bottleneck of a project depends on the ability of the entrepreneur, so engine capital pays more attention to whether the person has enough height in the selection of partners. By constantly gathering excellent talents, we can maintain enough expertise and love for the industry we are in. Even in the face of more fierce competition and challenges, engine capital will not be in fear and hesitation.
2018, a year of precipitation and hard work
At the beginning of 2018, the blockchain industry was still in the illusion of a great bull market. Not only participated in the early ecology of IOST, keen han shuai was the first group of investors to pay attention to and participate in the Taiwan dollar gap. "Obi, Huobi, OKEX, we were the first teams to snap up their Taiwan dollars, and we thought it had a lot of potential." As he introduces the results of last year's investment to ear finance (id: erduocaijing), han shuai's mouth corners up slightly, satisfied with his accuracy.
However, in high-risk currency market, as long as there is the probability of decision-making error. "At the beginning of 2018, we invested in deutsche boerse, which was the first pit I stepped into in this field, and the pit is still a little big." Caution, like han shuai, inevitably leads to mistakes.
Investment itself is a competition between the right place, right time and people. In the face of the escape of the German exchange, the market continues to decline and the market is negative. Han shuai decides to shrink investment share, layout to traditional domain. Through in-depth discussion with some experts and scholars from Peking University and tsinghua university, he has a deeper understanding of blockchain, and a broader idea of combining traditional fields with blockchain technology.
In addition to expert scholar, han shuai still comes from with a lot of famous those who include redwood, longitude and latitude to achieve cast LP people undertook communication, share and study. 2018 is a year of reflection for han shuai and engine capital. The investment style has gradually changed from blind sensibility to steady rationality. And this year, it is also toward a more far-reaching layout of the year.
The exchange boom of 2019, the incubation of star projects
After precipitation in 2018, han shuai summed up many market rules, so in early 2019, engine capital closely followed the exchange IEO boom. Not only participated in the first three phases of IEO project (according to the ear finance "public id: erduocaijing" data calculation, the average yield of the first three phases of IEO project of coin an more than 300%), but also helped coin an do joint KYC.
In addition, OKEX's recent fire IEO project Echoin is also an engine capital incubator. In the first half of this year, we incubated three star projects in depth, and built docking exchanges and mining pools. Engine capital is making solid progress step by step.
With the investment of more and more projects, after the resumption of investment logic is more and more perfect. Han shuai said: "some organizations will calculate a lot of things very detailed, business logic and closed loop at the same time without any bugs before putting in; But from my point of view, I look at the future, and even though the current team solution is flawed, we don't ignore the good parts of it. On the contrary, engine capital will do its best to help the team turn defect into yu; As long as we are deeply involved in the project, we will definitely share all the resources of the platform."
Han shuai further added: "after the previous 99 steps have been taken, the last step is handed over to heaven; Overall, I'm a very lucky investor." "Luck is part of your strength, too. Without a healthy investment mindset, luck doesn't happen." In the conversation with han shuai, ear finance (public id: erduocaijing) can feel his wisdom and humility.
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Ecological layout and future prospects
Since its establishment, engine capital has invested in a large number of verticals in the industry. In addition to exchanges, mining pools, media and technology projects, in the first half of this year, it began to set up overseas markets and traditional fields.
In July of the second half of the year, engine capital reached an in-depth strategic cooperation with the Korean blockchain association; At the same time, we will join hands with many investment alliances to join the ecosystem, jointly create a unique block chain project incubation platform, and promote the rapid development of both sides in the block chain field. In addition, engine capital and the largest community in South Korea BBR, and Taiwan hengxin capital strong joint news is also frequent.
"It's dangerous to limit ourselves to the immediate area, and we need to create a virtuous circle, sustainable ecology, and really connect blockchain with traditional enterprises. "It's not self-interested, it's a big market that does exist and generates a lot of value." Speaking of the layout of engine capital, han shuai explained.
In addition, for the financial industry has been engaged in, han shuai went on to talk: "there are problems in finance such as information asymmetry, wealth gap and irrational investors, and the technical characteristics of block chain is very targeted to solve the inherent defects of the financial system. However, blockchain itself is difficult to form an effective economic incentive and value flow in practice, which has been illustrated by the asset bubble caused by investment mania. In addition, the development of blockchain is also inseparable from the support and norms of the traditional financial system. The STO based on underlying physical assets, the derivatives market based on mainstream digital assets, the acquisition of listed companies by blockchain enterprises, and the significant haven effect of stable currency all show the inevitability of this trend."
"So engine capital is going to deepen its links with traditional finance, combining traditional industries with blockchain; And follow their own investment guidelines, pay attention to more quality projects, and strive to lead the industry to continue healthy development and achieve financial equality, justice and universal benefits. Han shuai described their future plans to ear finance (id: erduocaijing).
In the process of communicating with ear finance (public id: erduocaijing), han shuai never disguizes his determination and faith, and will lead the engine capital to run towards his goal all the time.