Provide the source of power for enterprise development

Provide the source of power for enterprise development

Engine capital CMO Xu chuxia -- bull market development, bear market counterattack, why she can do more fire in the block chain industry

Men make up most of the blockchain industry, and women are rare. For professional women, especially a beautiful woman with a high level of appearance, compared with men of the same level, she must have made more efforts to get everyone's approval. After all, for the workplace, appearance level is important, but more impressive talent, temperament and character. Xu early summer is such a high appearance level, high ability of female managers. People do not seem to believe that god should be so biased, gave her beauty, also gave her not to lose beauty talent. But the reality is often so "jealous".

Choose their own track to fight back with strength doubts

Xu chuxia, then engine capital CMO. Once studied in Gannon University of the United States and obtained MBA; After returning to China, I entered the domestic blockchain industry with entrepreneurial heart. I used to work as senior manager of blockchain solution center of zhongan technology, market operation manager of the world's leading decentralized exchange Protocol road printing Protocol, market operation director of Odyssey Protocol Foundation, blockchain sharing economy project, and operating partner of DBX Foundation. I have been deeply cultivated in the block chain industry for many years, and have long-term observation and industry insight on block chain technology and financial technology industry.

Engaged in promotion and operation for many years, Xu chuxia know the importance of choice, find the right people, do the right thing, to succeed. Race against the clock and try to expand your circuit. And that's exactly what she did.

Xu chuxia said in an interview that she cannot enter the block chain industry without two people, one is Mr. Li xuefeng, CTO of zhongan technology, it is zhongan technology that gives her an opportunity to enter the block chain industry, understand the block chain technology, the value of block chain technology for the future, and it can solve the problem in the traditional industry. Another is her leader, wang dong, founder of Loopring road seal agreement. It is the road seal project that makes Xu chuxia realize the difference of this industry and how to find the right direction in the mixed industry. Lu Yin is still trying to achieve future value, which is what xu appreciated in Xu chuxia. This also happens to coincide with the founding of engine capital.

With the right person, it does not mean that they will be successful, and their own efforts are also indispensable. As professional women, especially those with high appearance level, they will inevitably encounter discrimination and doubt on the road of entrepreneurship. But Xu chuxia with their own efforts and ability to fight back one after another "look down on" "distrust. Engine capital is a perfect example of this.

Engine capital -- committed to block chain ecological industrial chain investment layout

Engine capital was established in Singapore in 2017, is a focus on the block and the Internet industry chain of risk investment companies, mainly involved in investment fields: block chain, big data, mobile Internet, overseas and supporting services such as asset allocation, technology development, is committed to become a one-stop value-added professional property investment institutions. The main investment stages involved are: seed, angel, A, B, and also focus on quality projects.

Up to now, engine capital has gathered excellent talents from all walks of life around the world, and more than 100 professional investment/service personnel are distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, shenzhen, Thailand and Singapore, providing start-up financing services to entrepreneurs from various countries.

Adhere to the global investment perspective and local investment management experience integration is the characteristics of engine capital, which is Xu chuxia's own advantage. Growing up on the Chinese mainland and coming back from studying in the United States, xu has his own methodology on how to flexibly use global resources to meet local needs and become a professional one-stop investment institution for property appreciation.

People and projects matter most to investors. This is Xu chuxia's own strategic investment style, that is, from a macro perspective and long-term development to consider the return on investment. She said in the interview that a good project should have the following points: a team with successful experience, excellent technology and practical value. Weather, geography and people are indispensable. For budding entrepreneurs, people are more important. As her favorite saying in her work goes: God help those who help themselves. For those who strive to achieve the value of the future, and truly can change the social progress of innovative product engine capital will spare no effort to support.

At present, the team has accumulated investment in a number of enterprises within the circle, such as investment in QTUM, eos and other well-known projects, there are fire currency, ok such industry leading trading platform, and a number of enterprises different from the block chain field reached a depth of cooperation, and strive to provide one-stop financing services for excellent users, projects.

As one of the earliest investment institutions active in the block chain field, engine capital has now become a well-known investment institution in the block chain investment field. This is closely related to its unique advantages and comprehensive background. But the most important point is that engine capital, as an investment institution, deeply understands its social responsibility and mission, and is committed to serving excellent talents and discovering excellent projects, so as to promote science and technology to change the world.

Engine capital has been actively looking for projects that can be applied in various industries. Recently, the team invested in global new energy, such as public chain Echoin, block chain industry interesting community Bitell and other high-quality projects. We have been committed to promoting the rapid development of blockchain technology with capital, hoping that blockchain technology can really bring positive changes to people's lives. In the future, it will continue to increase investment in high-quality projects, in order to achieve real application. It may try to invest in other technical fields, such as artificial intelligence and Internet of things, hoping that the combination of these technologies can promote the progress of human society.

We believe that the future development of engine capital will live up to expectations and forge ahead.

Confident and enterprising, sail away

Xu chuxia work and life are very separate. In the work, she is more vigorous and resolute, regardless of their own gender, after all, coin circle a day, the world for three years. In life,Xu chuxia like to quietly slow down to recharge their own, to see a movie, read a book, experience a different life, let yourself feel, precipitation and thinking. Xu Xu chuxia  life or work are very clear what they want!

As a native Chinese, on the one hand,Xu chuxia holds an attitude of "discard the dross and take the essence" of traditional culture. On the other hand, her personality and overseas study experience make her more open-minded and willing to accept new things and meet new challenges. I'm even better than you imaged I would be. High appearance level, high ability Xu chuxia, often let a person forget her gender, but let a person hard to ignore her gender, the charm of female managers by her performance incisively and vividly. I hope Xu chuxia with this confidence as always, continue to sail in the sea of blockchain industry.