Provide the source of power for enterprise development

Provide the source of power for enterprise development

Interview engine capital CMO xu early summer: blockchain is the most potential to trigger the fifth round of disruptive revolution wave of core technology

The current era is an era of subversion and innovation. Big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, blockchain and other technologies are in full swing. As one of the keys to a new round of scientific and economic reform, blockchain and digital currency have become the hottest topics in science and finance.
Under the block chain, there are a series of investment industrial chains from upstream to downstream, including mining machinery, mining pool, wallet, exchange, public chain, DApp and media, etc. In each node, there are countless investment opportunities, and in each period, there are different investment trends.

In the interview column of this issue, sub-chain finance has the honor to invite engine capital CMO Summer to share the current industry status, investment opportunities and industry development vision with you.

Summer, currently CMO of engine capital. Once studied in Gannon University of the United States and obtained MBA; After returning to China, I entered the domestic blockchain industry with entrepreneurial heart. I used to work as senior manager of blockchain solution center of zhongan technology, market operation manager of the world's leading decentralized exchange Protocol road printing Protocol, market operation director of Odyssey Protocol Foundation, blockchain sharing economy project, and operating partner of DBX Foundation. I have been deeply cultivated in the block chain industry for many years, and have long-term observation and industry insight on block chain technology and financial technology industry.

1. I have seen that you studied in Gannon University in the United States. Is your first job after returning to China a blockchain industry? Why did you choose to enter the blockchain field in the first place?

I always believe that choice is more important than effort. As an MBA student in the United States, I also analyzed some future trends, so I chose to enter the high-tech industry. At that time, I believed that blockchain and AI still had 5-10 years' development space. After returning to China, I entered zhongan technology through the introduction of my friends, and learned the basic knowledge of blockchain, how to apply it in various industries, and what kind of problems can be solved in other industries.

2. Being able to gain a foothold in the blockchain industry, which is dominated by male practitioners, as a professional woman with high appearance level, will you spend more time and efforts on your work? Do you have any experience to share?

Blockchain one day in the world for three years, this sentence is not out of thin air, the industry is changing rapidly, always follow the pace of development, make rapid and accurate judgment of all the choices is the survival law of this industry. The second is execution, making a judgment and then quickly executing and following up before the next turn. I've always been a man of action, and I like to work with people who can execute.

3. Recently, the price of bitcoin rose to over 10,000 yuan. What do you think of the recent calf?

Generally speaking, the first few months are still optimistic about bitcoin. Obviously, the halving effect has been advanced. However, there have been some changes recently and investment needs to be cautious.

4. Where do you think the next outlet of blockchain is? Which direction in the blockchain field will have more investment opportunities?

The blockchain industry is at a very early stage. With the rapid development of the whole industry and the acceleration of project landing speed, the financing rounds will be extended gradually, and more projects will enter the middle and late stage in the future.

5. As an excellent blockchain investment group, which aspects do engine capital value most when choosing investment projects?

From the general direction, it is important for us to evaluate from two directions, one is people, one is the project itself, and the whole standard is based on the comprehensive control of these two directions.

To judge people is to judge your founder and your team, whether the founder has entrepreneurial quality, leadership pattern, entrepreneurial spirit, etc., and whether the team has basic matching ability, core cohesion, etc

When you look at a product, you look at whether it has certain characteristics, such as basic logic, business model, innovation ability, and whether it is in line with the current situation.

For the initial entrepreneurs, we usually choose to give more weight to people. Of course, we will spare no effort to support those innovative product engine capital that can really change and promote social progress.

6. Many people think blockchain provides startups with opportunities to overtake on corners, but now some Internet giants are also gradually starting to join the circuit and lay out the blockchain field. In your opinion, in terms of the current market environment, are these Internet giants more advantageous or what impact will they bring to the industry?

As a new idea to solve the trust problem, blockchain is the core technology with the greatest potential to trigger the fifth round of subversive revolution after steam engine, electricity, information and Internet technology.

From the earliest launch of Morgan coin in Morgan building to the current launch of cryptocurrency by traditional Internet social giants such as Facebook, more and more traditional Internet enterprises have begun to lay out blockchain.

First of all, the first point is worth affirming that behind every action of the giant is more attention and media reports, which undoubtedly plays a positive role in the promotion and promotion of blockchain technology.

In addition, the giant has more abundant talent resources, technical strength and financial support, and more experience in business operation, compared with start-up companies, it must have inherent advantages, and is more likely to succeed in promoting the large-scale commercial application of blockchain.

Most importantly, many behaviors in the blockchain industry are in the regulatory blank zone, and the entry of giants will accelerate the improvement of laws, regulations and regulatory policies related to blockchain to some extent. So in general, the giants at this time may become the backbone force to promote the healthy development of blockchain industry.

7. What do you think are the differences between investment logic and traditional VC in the blockchain field? What is the investment preference of engine capital?

Founded in Singapore in 2017, engine capital is an investment company focusing on the block chain and Internet industry, which is initiated by early investors in the block chain industry. It aims to provide impetus for the development of more start-ups.

It mainly involves investment fields: blockchain, big data, mobile Internet, overseas asset allocation, technology development and other supporting services.

The main investment stages involved are: seed, angel, A, B, and also focus on quality projects. Engine capital insists on integrating the global investment perspective with local investment management experience, flexibly using global resources to meet local needs, and strives to become a professional one-stop investment institution for property appreciation.

Engine capital has been actively looking for projects that can be applied in various industries. Recently, the team has invested in quality projects such as public chain Echoin and block chain interesting community Bitell. Therefore, we have been committed to promoting the rapid development of blockchain technology with capital, hoping that blockchain technology can really bring positive changes to people's lives.

In the future, we will continue to increase investment in quality projects in order to achieve real application. Of course, we may try to invest in other technical fields, such as artificial intelligence and Internet of things, hoping that the combination of these technologies can promote the progress of human society.

8. ICO is strictly prohibited by the state, cracking down on the behavior of cutting leeks in the secondary market. How can engine capital ensure investment safety and income?

Support national policies. First of all, everything about engine capital is built within legal compliance, and of course because of engine capital's extensive global operations, the rules we use for investment incubation may vary slightly from country to country.

Second, in terms of the impact of the environment: I think both the attention that bitcoin's recent surge has generated and the regulatory discussions that facebook's legal notes have generated may have a small impact on our business in the short term, but it's not going to have a big impact on us in the long term. Because we have developed our own mature operating system and extensive business control, we are fully capable of adjusting and willing to accept sudden changes in the external environment. More importantly, engine capital has always believed in the power of science and technology, and the environment should be developing in a favorable direction for our current major investment and control.

9. What are the successful investment cases of the team? Can I share it with you?

As one of the earliest investment institutions active in the block chain field, engine capital has successfully become a well-known investment institution in the block chain investment field with our unique advantages and comprehensive heritage, which is no doubt.

First of all, as an investment institution, we have a number of fund bases and strong financial strength.

Secondly, as one of the earliest investment institutions in the block chain industry, we have gathered a large number of initial believers and community groups in the industry, and also have rich industrial resources and deposits.

The team has invested in a number of enterprises in the circle, such as QTUM, eos and other well-known projects, as well as trading platforms like huobi and ok. Of course, we have reached a depth with many enterprises in different blockchain fields, which can provide one-stop financing services for excellent people and projects.

Finally, and most importantly, engine capital, as an investment institution, deeply understands its social responsibility and mission. We are committed to serving excellent talents and discovering excellent projects, so as to promote science and technology to change the world.