Provide the source of power for enterprise development

Provide the source of power for enterprise development

Han mingwei, CEO of engine capital, was invited to attend the 2019 China blockchain technology enabling real economy summit

On July 7, engine capital CEO han mingwei was invited to attend the "China blockchain technology enables the real economy summit" hosted by chongqing blockchain society. The summit by chongqing via letter appoint, chongqing science and technology commission, bureau of chongqing YuBei big data, chongqing rural rural committee, chongqing block chain society, economic and information commission of chongqing, chongqing science and technology, administration of big data application development in chongqing, chongqing yuzhong district block chain industrial park, China minsheng bank chongqing branch and the chongqing agriculture rural committee to guide, and sponsored by chongqing block chain institute; Parabox, slow car technology, large block chain technology co-sponsored.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Hu shuan, former director of the people's suggestion collection office of anhui provincial government and secretary general of anhui provincial government administration society, made an opening speech, expressing the welcome of all the units and participants. Later, Mr. Zhang zhiping, vice chairman of digital industry development committee of China association for the promotion of international economic and technological cooperation, gave a speech: "block chain technology enables the real economy". He pointed out that the decentralized ticket database can ensure that anyone can become a distributor by relying on their own resources. Therefore, the combination of blockchain technology and tourism industry provides new impetus for sharing tourism ecology. The tourism chain can make the connection between tourists and service providers transparent and reduce the high cut of middlemen.
This was followed by round table BBS in the first round. Jiang biao, expert committee member of China blockchain sandbox center, fan yifan, CEO of hangzhou daxiang blockchain, ding Yang, founder of and xu jingzhong, co-founder of encryption matrix, discussed the current situation and prospects of blockchain technology, the real economy, and the current situation of the financial industry. It is agreed that the block chain field is still a very young field, after experiencing the capital winter before, it is inevitable to slow down the pace and make steady progress.
After a short rest, hangzhou daxiang blockchain technology CEO Mr. Fan yifan's speech "the significance of blockchain" mainly elaborated on the practical application of technology. According to Mr. Fan, blockchain technology can improve the integration and transparency of more technologies, and bring more efficient algorithms and reliable data models. This is very important and valuable, because without the progress and practice of technology, blockchain technology wants to progress is just empty talk.

Deep Mr Gen institute founder gem bring speech block chain worldview and lifelong learning, through several commonly used in the block chain technology changes brought by the mathematical formula to prove to you big cafe: "the world will belong to another group with high sensibility, creative, has the compassion, to observe the trends, as well as the meaning of things". Block chain technology in the continuous development and innovation at the same time, but also to continue to summarize and learn, in the industry to do a good job in the service dissemination of the essence of the industry is also quite need patience.

Also based on the Angle of the industry itself, co-founder of encryption matrix jingzhong Mr Xu in the speech the WEB3 vision outlook, puts forward the original idea, he felt block chain technology is one of them, one direction will provide more than a chain running environment, not only can be in the public, open, without permission to transmit data between blocks, chain, also can be in private, permission to transmit data between blocks chain, thus further realize data portability.
Next, Mr. Xu gang, vice chairman of hubei youth entrepreneurship promotion association and founder of optical valley blockchain technology application alliance, who has rich experience in the new direction of blockchain, stated a view in the speech "new variables of blockchain development" : the blockchain technology itself is dynamic, and the direction it is born in is also dynamic. Must grasp the main and fundamental pain point, in order to achieve real development in a changing environment.

As for the new digital economy, Mr. Zhang Ming, founder and vice President of new finance and economics, brought the relevant information of SJS exchange in his subsequent speech "exploring the application of block chain to create the digital economy ecology". In the early days of the digital economy, the possibilities for the future proved limitless. The digital economy is bound to be the first area where people will move forward in order to secure the value of their property in the future.
Summit progress to this point, has been said to be white-hot stage. At this time, the second round table BBS pushes our thinking arguments to a new height. Ai field fund initiator liu muzhen, engine capital CEO han mingwei, cofounder CAI zinc and big block chain partner wei li, four guests on the recent block chain related issues, domestic traditional enterprise cooperation direction and future development expressed their own views.

After the second round table BBS, engine capital CEO han mingwei expressed his views:
As a new idea to solve the trust problem, blockchain is the core technology with the greatest potential to trigger the fifth round of subversive revolution after steam engine, electricity, information and Internet technology.
As we enter 2019, the trend of blockchain will also start to change, which has become a disruptive technology in many industries. He believes that the application of blockchain in the future will be driven by two camps. On the one hand, the IT camp, starting from information sharing and focusing on establishing credit at low cost, gradually covers digital assets and other fields. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency camp, starting from currency, has gradually moved into asset management, inventory, and credit investigation and general information sharing applications.

The summit from multiple angles to the participants to show the blockchain industry has achieved fruitful results. The round table BBS and the speeches of all the distinguished guests throughout the summit are not only a sign of the success of the conference, but also a gathering of the wisdom and efforts of entrepreneurs, technicians and numerous scientific and technological workers. Chongqing blockchain society as the sponsor also said that in the future similar to this discussion of the future blockchain ecological scene and other directions of the summit will continue to be held, let more people to participate in the construction of the blockchain industry.

Engine capital was established in Singapore in late 2017. Initiated by early investors in the blockchain industry, it is a venture capital company focusing on the blockchain and Internet industry, aiming to provide impetus for the development of more start-ups.
The main investment fields are block chain, big data, mobile Internet, overseas asset allocation, technology development and supporting services. The main investment stages involved are seed, angel, A and B rounds, with A focus on more mature projects.