Provide the source of power for enterprise development

Provide the source of power for enterprise development

Engine capital and BBR block chain business rating agencies reached a strategic cooperation

Recently, engine capital and BBR(blockchain business rating agency) reached a strategic cooperation agreement.

Engine capital will do its best to help BBR become the top commercial rating agency of blockchain at home and abroad.

Engine capital was established in Singapore in 2017, is a focus on the block and the Internet industry chain of risk investment companies, mainly involved in investment fields: block chain, big data, mobile Internet, overseas and supporting services such as asset allocation, technology development, is committed to become a one-stop value-added professional property investment institutions.

Engine capital investment more than 100 projects around the world, so far has been disclosed investment amount is about more than 50, successively and krypton gold capital, 犇 farce, digital engine, star yao capital, ear of finance and economics, BTC Trade, 499 block, the south Korean association of chain blocks, beeping NEWS, COINS, chain in the media, the bull market of finance and economics, finance, bo chain MXC maccha exchange and so on outstanding block chain enterprise established strategic cooperation.

BBR, South Korea's largest community with 30,000 members, will sponsor "Denos" media and media divisions as well as Icon and Bithumb.

BBR has a professional team of analysts, whose members are from well-known foreign private equity investment institutions and securities companies, with rich experience in project research and investment analysis. The team of analysts from BBR will investigate and analyze the public information and data of the project party respectively from the three aspects of the project's primary market (commercial value), secondary market (token circulation performance) and technical ability, and then make risk assessment of the project based on the self-built professional analysis model and standard.

Capital and the engine BBR (block chain business rating agencies) combination, will set up a complete set of in the field of block rating chain business open, rigorous and detailed rating standards, committed to the investigation and analysis, combined with actual project in dividing relative risk level way to provide information for investors, in order to protect investors' right to know, to build a visible clear commercial rating agencies in the future.